Hydrogen from Starch


Now this is interesting! The shift to biofuels, based not on diesel but hydrogen fuel cells just became a whole lot easier.

May 23, 2007
Researchers at Virginia Tech, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and the University of Georgia propose using polysaccharides, or sugary carbohydrates, from biomass to directly produce low-cost hydrogen for the new hydrogen economy. Continue reading


Scientists Warn of Gulf Stream Slowing

Maybe not many scientists are pressing the panic button yet, but there is some distressing news about ocean currents.

Research at UK’s National Oceanography Centre found significant slowing of the gulf stream in the last 35 years.

From the amount of water in the subtropical gyre and the flow southwards at depth, they calculate that the quantity of warm water flowing north had fallen by around 30%. “We don’t want to say the circulation will shut down,” he told New Scientist. “But we are nervous about our findings. They have come as quite a surprise.”

And research at Woods Hole (pay-per-view article) found that a 10% slowing was the possible cause of the mini ice age in Europe

The Gulf Stream carrying warm water to the North Atlantic slowed about 10 per cent in the Little Ice Age from 1200 to 1850, said a US study published on Wednesday that may give clues to the effects of modern global warming.”

Carbon Trading / Climate Change – Updated


Alternet, one of my top political news commentary sources, set off a bonfire of controversy on the Alternet site with an article panning carbon trading.  I think Author David Morris (co-founder and vice president of the Institute for Local Self Reliance and director of its New Rules project) is misguided. Carbon emissions trading can be a valuable incentive to drive us in the right direction of reducing emissions by rewarding good environmental behavior. Morris notes the excitement over the “green” Oscars, then the controversy about Al Gore’s Nashville house that “consumed 20 times more energy than a typical house.” (A Gore spokesman responded that they buy offsets to render it neutral in carbon emissions.) Continue reading

GOP: The Global Opinion Pounders


Yes, the devastating fiasco that is the GOP neocon agenda is destroying world opinion of the US:

The Bush policies of war, occupation, torture and rendition are having a cumulative effect on global opinion. A recent BBC poll of more than 26,000 people found that 75 percent oppose the U.S. role in Iraq, two-thirds oppose the handling of prisoners at Guantanamo, and 52 percent feel that the U.S. has an overall negative effect on the planet.

Robert Sheer puts it poignantly:

President Bush has accomplished what Osama bin Laden only dreamed of by disgracing the model of American democracy in the eyes of the world.

According to an exhaustive BBC poll, nearly three-quarters of those polled in 25 countries oppose the Bush policy on Iraq, and more than two-thirds believe the U.S. presence in the Middle East destabilizes the region. In other words, the almost universal support the United States enjoyed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been completely squandered, as a majority of the world’s people now believe that our role in the entire world is negative. Continue reading

The Disaster of the GWOT

It started out so well, considering the tragic loss of 9/11. The whole world was on our side and largely supported our going after Al Qaeda and its Taliban supporters. Great article by Richard Parry at Alternet, who details how the so-called war on terror is more like a war on our Republic.

From the beginning of the “war on terror,” George W. Bush has lied to the American people about the goals, motivation and even the identity of the enemy — a propaganda exercise that continued through his 2007 State of the Union Address and that is sounding the death knell for the Republic. Since 2001, rather than focusing on the al Qaeda Sunni fundamentalist terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks, Bush has expanded the conflict exponentially — tossing in unrelated enemies such as Iraq’s secular dictator Saddam Hussein, Shiite-led Iran, Syria and Islamic militants opposed to Israel, like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. Continue reading

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