More on Biofuels Technology

For those concerned about the land needed to create biofuels feedstock, check out THIS analysis of how it can be done. We could replace all vehicle fuel at current levels on 9.5 million acres of desert land ! For comparison, we use 450 million acres of prime agricultural land to produce food (most of it food for livestock) and another 500 million acres for grazing livestock. Since the algae can grow anywhere, we’re not talking about diverting a single plot of prime farmland to fuel production.

(BTW, the stock in Petrosun is about $0.15 a share, but I’m not buying any of it yet). Here’s a good rundown on alternative energy stocks.

Here’s an aerial view of the Texas facility on Google maps. Another technology, using fresh water but enclosing the ponds to avoid evaporation, would reduce water usage to the equivalent of 3 inches of rain a year. Farmers know how little will grow with that low water usage. Most of the country has more than that, so all the needed water could be from rain catchment.


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