Scientists Warn of Gulf Stream Slowing

Maybe not many scientists are pressing the panic button yet, but there is some distressing news about ocean currents.

Research at UK’s National Oceanography Centre found significant slowing of the gulf stream in the last 35 years.

From the amount of water in the subtropical gyre and the flow southwards at depth, they calculate that the quantity of warm water flowing north had fallen by around 30%. “We don’t want to say the circulation will shut down,” he told New Scientist. “But we are nervous about our findings. They have come as quite a surprise.”

And research at Woods Hole (pay-per-view article) found that a 10% slowing was the possible cause of the mini ice age in Europe

The Gulf Stream carrying warm water to the North Atlantic slowed about 10 per cent in the Little Ice Age from 1200 to 1850, said a US study published on Wednesday that may give clues to the effects of modern global warming.”


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